About Me

Susanna Heiskanen sitting on a green dress with tea on hand

 I am Susanna Heiskanen, mum of two and writer of Nordic Lifestyle: embrace slow living, cultivate happiness and know when to take off your shoes. Thank you for shopping and supporting my author journey. I am originaly from Finland but lived in Australia over 15 years now.

Nordic Lifestyle is my first non fiction book that I worked very long to write. Thanks for the covid isolation I finally got it done.  I am working on my next books and if you want to learm more about my writing join my email list. 


Funny facts about me.I love dogs and my kelpi german shepperd cross Rosie is my favourite muse while writing. I can fly a plane, yep I am fully qualified pilot. I hate snakes which you have plenty in Australia where I live.  When I am not writing, I love to hike, bike and climb and explore this beautiful country we live in and take pictures. 


Thanks for stopping by.
Susanna Heiskanen