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Arctic Paradise E-Book

Arctic Paradise E-Book

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#1 Amazon Scandinavian Travel and Finland Travel Guides Bestseller! Embark on a revealing journey through the captivating pages of "Arctic Paradise E-book: The Paradox of Finnish Happiness," a non-fiction masterpiece that peels back the layers of Finland's serene society.

In this insightful exploration, the book unveils the radiant joys and subtle shadows that compose the intricate tapestry of Finnish happiness, offering a nuanced perspective on the nation's emotional landscape.

This candid narrative doesn't shy away from confronting the darker hues of life in Finland, delving into prevalent issues like mental health challenges. Beyond the idyllic postcard image, Arctic Paradise E-book navigates the maze of cultural expectations and societal pressures, shedding light on the dark side of society.

Through intimate stories and careful analysis, the book paints a holistic picture of Finnish happiness, prompting readers to ponder the paradox of joy amidst adversity. It stands not only as a testament to Finland's happiness but as a poignant exploration of the enduring human quest for contentment, even in the face of life's most daunting challenges.

Dive into this compelling narrative, sparking a profound conversation about the true nature of happiness and resilience.

Grab your copy of the Arctic Paradise E-book and learn how the Nordic live their lives.


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I love it and makes me want to live in Finland (even with the negatives!). You have outdone yourself, Susanna!

Karen Roth

I absolutely adored this book! It was like chatting with an old friend. Thank you so much for allowing me to have an advanced read. Looking forward to the next book. 

Tanya Walsh

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This Insight Into Finnish Happiness Was Refreshingly Heartfelt

Reading this beautifully written portrayal of Finnish history and life was enormously uplifting. So much can be said positively for all of the wonderful stories and insight into these amazing communities that live life simply, yet excel so beautifully at happiness, home and professional life. Nowhere before have I seen such a magnificent portrayal of a summation to the questions of how to live life authentic to your soul's happiness. Diverse, honest, truly heartfelt is my only other words to establish Susanna as an authority and humanitarian of Finnish Happiness!


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Who Are The Nordics?

I would argue that much of today’s life in the Nordics can be traced back to the Vikings. They have certainly given a flavour to Nordic life; for example, Viking marriage was deemed equal with women having more rights than their sisters in Medieval England. This leads me to assume that the equality Nordic women enjoy today started there with the Vikings when women were treated more fairly.