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I'm Susanna Heiskanen, the brains behind the Nordic books Nordic Lifestyle and Arctic Paradise. I'm passionate about writing about Nordic Life and putting my all into crafting the next book coming out 2024!

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What My Readers Think

  • Arctic Paradise is the best book if you are looking to learn about all things Finnish and why it is known as one of the happiest places to live.  However, what makes Susanna's book stand out, is
    that she also looks at the other side of happiness and that makes
    life in Finland more real and not just the belief that everyone living there is happy all the time.  Fear not, at the end of every chapter Susanna gives suggestions on how you can live a life in a more positive and happy way!

    What I really love is that the chapters are a good length, interspersed with photos and illustrations and can be delved
    into in any order. I love all things hygge, scandi, nordic, etc and this book will be added to my favourites list.

    Tracey Mills 

  • Nordic Lifestyle

    For the last six years I’ve been studying why some people are happier than others and my research took me to the Nordic countries. Your book explains this perfectly and even if one isn’t able to move there, you have suggested ways to live more like the Nordics… You’ve written a lovely book that I will treasure!’

    Karen Joy Roth Craig

  • "Arctic Paradise" is a must-read for those who are nterested in bringing a little Nordic sunshine into their
    lives. Susanna artfully distills the essence of what defines happiness from what is considered the
    happiest country in the world - Finland.  Her book offers practical ways to instill these mind sets and practices into your own everyday life - everything from ways to connect with people and nature to exercising generosity and experiencing joy where you are and with what you have.  With her Finnish sense of honesty, she also reveals some of the challenges of her native culture as well.  Despite these obstacles, Finns remain highly
    satisfied with life. With hints to help you model the best of Finnish culture and beautiful photos throughout, you will be delighted to pick up a copy of her book to keep!

    Kimberly Webster

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