About Me Susanna Heiskanen

Hey there!
I'm Susanna Heiskanen, a mum of two and the brains behind Nordic Lifestyle and Arctic ParadiseHuge thanks for hopping on board and supporting my journey as an author. Originally from Finland, I've been soaking up the Aussie vibes for over 15 years now.
"Nordic Lifestyle" is my first dive into non-fiction, and trust me, it took a hot minute to put together. Thanks to the COVID isolation stint, I finally got it done! Currently, I'm buzzing with excitement after relesing my next literary adventure Arctic Paradise, The Paradox of Finnish Happiness, and if you're keen to ride along to know what I am writing next, hit up my email list.
Now, for the fun stuff about me – I'm a dog lover, with my kelpi German shepherd mix, Rosie, stealing the show as my favorite writing companion. Oh, and did I mention? I can fly a plane, a fully qualified pilot here! On the flip side, I've got a serious case of the heebie-jeebies when it comes to snakes – and in Australia, they're practically neighbors. When I'm not tapping away at my keyboard, you'll find me out there hiking, biking, climbing, and snapping pics, soaking in the beauty of this amazing country we call home.
Thanks a bunch for swinging by and catching up with me. Should you have any questions you can contact me here.
Kiitos, Susanna Heiskanen